Taboo no more.

Many people, even gay men have issues with the anus or rectum.  GET OVER IT!  I know what the ass-hole is all about, but with good hygiene and a little Work, you can make a tunnel of ecstasy for both (or more) of you.

All you wannabe bottoms, regardless of the frequency with you wish to be fucked; need to learn basic hygiene techniques.  Even straight men want to butt-fuck their ladies.  (So if you are visiting this blog, pass these hints along to your lady.)  Just remember, gay men invented ass fucking and we will always be better at it.  I’ll discuss the reasons in in an article titled "PENIS PLEASURES."  These techniques are designed to maximize pleasure and minimize unfortunate accidents.

I am talking about “ANAL DOUCHING.”  In Other parlance, “enema,” but douching has a much nicer ring to it, nes’t-pas?  The website GAYDEMON.COM defines douching as:
Gaydemon’s dictionary: “Where one injects a stream of liquid into the anus, usually with the purpose of cleaning the tract of fecal matter.  Also used for self pleasure, of feeling the warm sensation of liquid within the anus.
I don’t dislike the act of douching but I don’t do it for pleasure. It is a subject no one wishes to disuses, but everyone knows is going on. I was so foolish and in denial, that I actually thought my partner didn’t know I “cleansed internally.” I always performed this grooming ritual while he was out. One day he said to me, with a big smile, “Why don’t you do that thing you don’t want me to know you do?” I was a little shocked and embarrassed; I thought I was so clever. Needless so say, I obliged. To this day, this is our little joke.

Anal and colon health are important for all, but for active Bottom Men, they are paramount.  To us, the anus is not “exit only,” it is vital part of our sexual pleasure, a secondary or even primary sexual organ.  Of course, proper diet is important but keeping the colon and anus healthy is relatively easy.  Mostly use common sense.

Why douche?  Some guys are into raunchy body odors and that’s fine.  Manly aroma is a turn on, feces is not.  I douche to eliminate all anal odor, I am extremely ANAL about making sure there is no offensive odor.  My Top Man likes to work me into frenzy with other body parts before sliding is cock in my man-hole. So I want to be sure there is nothing but me there.  I keep flushing out until the water runs out as clean as when it went in.  I stick a finger up my own hole, push down, and then smell, no odor then I’m done.

Secondly, you do not, I repeat, do not want to have an “accident” during the dismount.  Trust me; this is not sexy.  I get rid of all the fecal mater I can.  Waiting an hour or longer, after douching, can avoid mishaps.  This means a little planning is needed to be ready for your Top-Man’s tool. 

I don’t recommend this, but I do it with my partner, I sometimes hop off his cock and suck him, then slide back on it.  I know I am clean and this way I can taste us mixed together.

Lastly, I think this is the best reason to clean out your ass: the sensation.  Think about it guys.  We don’t normally hold feces in the colon, but there is always residue clinging to the colonic walls.  This residue hinders the sensation of your lover’s cock sliding in and out.  Also, he isn’t feeling your hot, moist man-tunnel; is he?  When I’m being fucked, I want to feel every vein on his cock.  I want to feel the helmet moving forward and back.  I want him to feel me clamp on his dick.  I want him to feel when I bear down on it.

Disclaimer: Douching will in no way prevent the transmission of any STD.  However, it may help minimize the risk of minor bacterial infections for both partners.  

Now, as with anything, there are drawbacks.  There are medical experts who claim anal douching can lead to irregular bowel movements.  I would agree if you are douching on a daily basis.  I have been douching for many years with no adverse side effect.  This is why a healthy diet is important.  Douching can rinse away the body’s natural lubricants and beneficial flora.  These are easily mitigated. 

USE LUBRICATION!  Some top men like to fuck dry; they think saliva is sufficient.  WRONG.  Fucking dry can cause internal damage. The internal tissues are delicate and subject to tears and fissures.  Think about it this way,  a high performance Lamborghini engine requires a super high quality motor oil.  A high performance Power Bottom needs good lube to keep on running too.

Eating cultured dairy products, such as yogurt or taking a daily supplement, can help maintain a healthy colony of beneficial flora in the digestive tract. 

So what should you use?  First, let me tell what never to use.  The prepared and packaged enemas found at the pharmacy.  These products are designed to alleviate occasional constipation and contain harsh chemicals.  These chemicals will wash away your natural oils.  Irritation is possible.  I recommend and use only warm water and a water-based lubricant.

There are dozens of products available for anal douching.  They range in price, volume, and design.  You will have to search for the product that suits you best.  I am not endorsing any of the products highlighted below.  I am only mentioning these because I have used either it or a friend as recommended it to me.  A trip to the adult novelty store or web-search will yield innumerous selections.  Pick one based on your price point and preference.

The most economical is the good ol’ rectal siring.  Available in every pharmacy across the nation.  Its design is simple.  It is easy and discrete to pack when vacationing.  

I have a few of these.  I use them when away.  It is an old standby.

Another variation of the old-fashioned rectal bulb is the Colt model:

The Colt„ Anal Douche„ is a latex and rubber cleansing system designed for pleasure and simplicity. It may be used with or without the ribbed attachment. Remember to use water-soluble lubrican for ease of penetration and comfort.

I guess it could be fun, but I view the douche bottle as a purely utilitarian product.  The real fun comes after the act of douching.  It has the same benefits and drawbacks as the plain syringe.  It is available in adult stores or online.

As a testament to their convenience and ease of use, here is yet one more variation of the bulb.  It has a longer attachment for deep cleaning, I suppose.

There are systems, which are attached directly to your shower.  These can be very efficient in delivering a good volume of water for a through cleansing.  They are little pricier than the bulb or bag systems, but much more efficient.  
These are attached to your showerhead and employ a diverter to direct the water to the douche hose.  The advantages include a steady stream of water, ease of use and the ability to sanitize easily.  The shower systems can appear intimidating to the uninitiated and they are difficult to disguise when the in-laws stop over.

The shower-head  installed system by KI 

Here is a hybrid system.  It combines the best of the bulb and the permanently attached.  The STREEM MASTER male douche is very well designed.  There several models available, even one the packs easily.  The main advantages to the STREEM MASTER are a very efficient system that can be stowed when not used.  I really appreciated that feature.

I like the STREEM MASTER model, click here for a video demonstration. 

Earlier, I said I only use water when preparing for a hot fuck session, but there is always an exception.  This is the one product: BUTT PIRATE.  It is a deodorant douche designed specifically for men.  I use after I have cleaned thoroughly and about 30 minutes prior to sex.

 The first time I used Butt Pirate, I didn’t tell my partner.  I used the vanilla scent.  He commented that I smelled “really good.”  I just left it at that.  But as he plowed me well, a faint aroma of vanilla filled the air.  It was very pleasant.  I told him later and he approved.  We don’t use this often, but it is fun time to time.  We’ve tried all 3 fragrances.  Vanilla is our favorite, but he has occasionally asks for strawberry.  I am always glad to grant  requests.  I have only found this product on line.



I think I have explained most everything about anal health and hygiene.  I urge you to try douching if you haven’t, I hope I shed a little knowledge on a taboo topic.  No go out and get fucked by your favorite cock and be confident that your are giving him a great ride. 



Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info. I'm starting to bottom more and am starting to feel more self conscious about it. Will take all your advice. Just one question. What about hair? I'm not super hairy but watching porn makes me think I should be hairless. I hear shaving leaves irritation and bumps though. Any advice on that?

Miguel said...

I’m glad you are gaining confidence in your Bottoming skills. As for whether or not you should shave your asshole the results of an informal survey I conducted in which I asked how Tops preferred their Bottoms’ holes and how Bottoms preferred to maintain their holes. 24% of Tops and 29% of Bottoms preferred their holes FUZZY which could include some grooming or naturally light hair. 35% of Tops and 40 % of Bottoms preferred their holes HAIRY and 41% of Tops and 31% of Bottoms wanted their butt holes SMOOTH, almost the direct inverse. I like to keep mine smooth, I do shave and have never had irritation when I do it properly. I think a light ring of hair around a man’s asshole is very sexy. You should do what makes you feel the best, give it try, or have your balls and ass waxed. It isn’t that bad, just a little inconvenient. MIGUEL

Anonymous said...

awesome advise miguel. i really need to get one of the shower attachments. Live in South Africa and dont know where to find such an attachment.

Love bottoming, but always overly cautious about the possibility of shit sneaking out when its not supposed to. i douche for nearly two hours sometimes just to feel that im thoroughly clean, using the anal syringe method.

loved reading the tips you provide here.
xx jarad