Gay anal intercourse has been called the "LOVE THAT DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME."  For too long it has carried negative connotations for both partners, but more so for the receiver.  

Through this dialog, I hope to minimize or eliminate the negative associations.  Whether you are a Top, a Versatile or like me a Bottom man, I will try to explain the "ins and outs" of ass-fucking and why there is no shame in admitting you partake in this forbidden pleasure. 

First, I want to dissect  the phrase ANAL INTERCOURSEAnal: if I must explain this, you need remedial training.  INTERCOURSE: its original usage is from the 15th century and meant only "communication to and fro."  The prefix INTER is from Latin and connotes between or among.  The suffix COURSE, (not to be confused with coarse), is also from the Latin,CURSUS, which means path, track, or direction.  Putting the two parts together we get "in between path or inner track." How appropriate.

One could assume that  intercourse is instinctual, but there is so much more to butt-fucking than instincts provide.  Yes, men have always desired to shove their pricks in any tight, wet hole, but as with many other activities, it's technique that matters. 

Fucking a woman might be instinctual, but screwing a man is an ART FORM.  It is an art form which takes some time to master for both Top and Bottom.  

The virgin Bottom experience often leaves one feeling used and confused.  My first time being fucked was unremarkable and unpleasant for me and probably for Conrad. I was 18 and unprepared physically and psychologically. I wasn't sure what to do, and as I found out later, Conrad probably wasn't the man to introduce me to bottoming.  This may be the reason it took a few years before I allowed another man to fuck me.

I strongly recommend good anal hygiene for maximum comfort and pleasure for all involved.  After that, Tops should always prep their Bottoms. 

What do I mean by prepping?  As you already know, the perinea tissues of the anus are extremely sensitive due to the concentration of nerves.  Stimulating these tissues, either manually or lingually will get your Bottom more eager for your schlong,  As a Top, you ought to get your Bottom so fucking revved up that he'll beg you to ram your hard prick in his man-pussy.  You should tease and stimulate his tight hole.  The more you tease it, the more he'll want and NEED your steel rod.


Here are two men know how prep their rides.

No one prepared me, nor was I prepared myself, the first time.  It wasn't painful, but it certainly wasn't enjoyable.  I couldn't wait for him to pull out.  It's more than just a courtesy to tease and prep Bottom's ass-lips, it is actually very selfish.  The hotter you make him, the longer and harder he will ride your cock.  If that isn't incentive enough, I don't know how else to get you Tops to eat bougina.

As I discuss in  PENIS PLEASURES, men are atomically better suited to accept larger cocks than women. We are superior in all things sexual and certainly more versatile.  But size isn't everything, it can actually be a waste of a few inches, sorry big guy. Our inner anatomy places the prostate gland about 3 inches above the anus.  I know how to maneuver my Top's cock to massage the sweet spot.

A good Top Man will aim for the GLORY GLAND.  Massaging the prostate with the penis will send electric pleasure pulses through any Bottom's body.  We will then transfer those sensations into action and ride and squeeze your cock harder and longer.  Striking the prostate will make your Bottom never want to get off your jackhammer cock. Still believe prepping isn't worth your effort?

I know what and why I feel during an amazing fuck, but I cannot verbalize the unbelievable sensations I experience. We all know there are good fucks and then there are AMAZING FUCKS. My Top likes me to tell him how he feels inside. I love hearing his descriptions of my man-cunt.  I have always been at a loss to accurately describe the sensation of a masterful Top drilling me to nirvana. 

Click here for the best technical explanation of I have found anywhere.  It is a detailed account of the physiological reasons why anal intercourse feels so fucking great.


This confirms my assertion that men are sexually superior to women.  As a Power Bottom, I know  the best orgasm is when I climax while my Top is pounding my man-pussy.  For me the most intense climax is achieved in either side-saddle or dogie position.  That's because I can make his dick hit my glory gland.

We cannot and should not expect the Top do all the work.  A phenomenal fuck requires an active and eager Bottom.  Our job as Bottoms is make our Tops tool feel so fucking great that he will want to fuck us 24/7.

I want to be very clear, there is nothing passive or submissive about being a BOTTOM.  If you want to play a role, who am I to judge.  I have no need or desire to be passive.  I am aggressive and assertive even when a hard cock is up my man-hole. I do not want Tops or Bottoms to think that getting a dick up your ass is sissy. Getting fucked or fucking a man correctly is one of the most MASCULINE activities you will perform.

I object to the feminizing which sometimes occurs in our gay culture and pornography.  I am man, I am attracted to other men.  I just happen to be a man who enjoys having a cock in his ass.  
 Do either of these men look  submissive to you?  Not to me either.  

They are just hot couple of men looking to please each other as much as possible.  


It takes a man to fuck a man. 

It takes a man to handle a real cock up his ass.

I assume because I am a man and you want to fuck me, you want me to act like a man.  I hate wimpy fuckers.  If you want to be with a man, act like one.

All good Bottom men will take their lovers to another level of sexual pleasure. A Power Bottom will make him feel invincible. Of course, we are seeking our own pleasure.  However, for me, I must bring my Top to the edge of pain to know I've satisfied him.  What do I mean "edge of pain."  I want his balls to hurt because I won't let him cum 

Just like the Top should prep his bottom, the Bottom should prep his Top.  I like to start licking every part of his body.  Every man has that one part, not his cock, tit, or ass, that drives him wild when licked or nibbled.  My Top has two hot spots.  The first is behind his ears, the other his where his leg meets his crotch by his balls.  If I lick either of those places he goes crazy.  Find that spot.  It may take a little exploration, but that's the fun part.

Suck his cock, deeply and long.  Make him thrust deep in your throat as an introduction to what is waiting.  Get him to the edge.  Keep doing this until he can't wait to pry open your man-cunt with his wet and hot prick.  You will not regret the effort.  The longer you tease and taunt him the longer he'll fuck you.

If I have to initiate a position change keep my Top or me from shooting before I am ready, that's what I'll do.  If I have "dismount" to give my Top a chance to cool down, so be it.  I want to make the fuck session last as long as I need his prick inside me.  I want to bring us both to the edge, cool down slightly and start pumping on his cock.  I like to do this over and over again.  When he finally can't hold on any longer, I'll allow us both to shoot  our loads.  But never before I have been completely and thoroughly satisfied.  Still think getting fucked is submissive?

Gentlemen, we have this wonderful organ called the RECTUM.  It is the key to your and our Top's gratification.  Get to know it well.  there are two ring-like muscles called "sphincters."  Most of us are familiar with the outer sphincter.  Get to know the inner one, as well.  learn to control them so you can milk your Top's cock dry.  Do your kegel exercises often.

Of course you want to keep your rings in tip-top shape. that's why Kegels are important.   Learning to control them at key moments, (relaxing and contracting), will excite your top to no end.  I can clamp my sphincters so tight, he can't get in or out if I'm not done.  I love the look on his face when I grab his cock with my ass muscles and pull him in without him pushing.


I feel it is my duty to make my TOPS beg to shoot their loads.  I can feel every time his cock throbs inside me.  I know when to speed up or slow down.  A good Top will also be in tune with his Bottom and stop pumping if he isn't done yet.

Simultaneous orgasm is always the goal.  I however, have learned to have what I call 'WHOLE BODY ORGASMS.  These occur only after I've been getting fucked for more than 30 or 40 minutes. I get these unbelievable feelings washing over my entire body.  It feels like an orgasm to the nth degree, but usually there isn't an ejaculation.  With my Top's help I can go on like this for hours.  He usually is only too happy to oblige my needs.

One tick I've learned almost every Top, (even the DRILL MASTERS), is to lightly finger their holes while they're fucking me.  Sometimes I have had to be persistent to get him to allow access to his man-hole.  Some Tops are so anal about letting anybody touching their assholes,; but without exception, they will allow a little digital insertion.

My favorite position, to start, is always dogie.  I can control the entry.  I like to feel him slide in very slowly.  It allows me to get used to his man-ness and his body's heat.  I can grab on with my muscles.  I bear down and surround his cock with the soft sugar walls of my rectum and colon.  I can feel and exploit every contour of his dick. When I hear him sigh, I know I can release him to get as wild as he wants.  After that, I'm game for any fucking position.  

This one always hits the right spot.

I love it when we both reach climax simultaneously.  I usually do not require direct penis stimulation to climax but I like when he jerks my cock and plays with my nuts. Sucking my nipples or kissing is always a major turn on.  

My ass muscles are so well conditioned that I can feel his rod get harder inside me..  I can sense the base of his cock throb and veins bulge.I know he is close.  I begin to use my sphincters to stimulate his cock to cum.  As soon as I feel the first major pulse in his cock, I let mine shoot.  He tries to get deeper and I grind my ass on his hips until I feel his the sexual spasms slow down and his breathing get deeper.


Another valuable trick I learned when I was 20.  I was just learning how to bottom.  I was in England and met this good-looking man named Nolan.  Nolan is 15 years older. He had a beautiful 6" uncut, beer-can dick.  One night he was fucking me on my stomach.  It was feeling really good, maybe a little too good because I came too fast.  I tried to hold on but his cock was hitting my glory gland and I couldn't control myself.  I felt awful because Nolan wasn't even close.

Nolan just rolled us over on our sides, still hard and inside .  He held me tightly.  When he sensed I was about to "dismount," her held me more tightly.  He began to kiss my neck.  His embrace made us both to lie very, very still.  My prostate was excited and my ass lips inflamed.  I could feel his dick swell and subside slightly, but he just held me so he wouldn't slip out of my bougina.

Nolan held me, sort of like these 2 men.  We just stayed still for about 5 minutes, maybe longer.  Nolan kept kissing me, playing with my nipples ad balls.  It was very sensual.  My cock started started getting hard again.  My ass muscles began to clench his still stiff rod.  Nolan moved his hips gently, I moaned.  I few seconds later we were fucking like jack rabbits.  this time I was able to outlast him.  He finally shot his first load off about 30 minutes later.  But he was a quick "re-load" and just kept screwing me for 2 hours.  My ass was sore but I finally knew what a great fuck felt like.  It may be Nolan who started on the path to becoming a Power Bottom.  thanks, Nole.

If by some chance I cum before my Top, we do the same thing.  I have him lie beside me very still.  It is important for both of us to be very still. Within a few minutes my cock is rock hard and I can fuck for the rest of the day or night.  I recommend this technique to any Bottom who cums before he wants.  your first instinct may be to jump off his cock after cumming, but resist.  Soon enough you will start enjoying him just be inside your man-cunt. The hard part is convincing your Top to lie still while inside you.  Your ass muscles will be very excited and will contract involuntarily.  He might confuse these contractions as a signal to start pounding you.  Just have him relax.

I have this other little thing I do to get my Top off.  It really turns me on but it is nasty too.  I'll do it if I cum or not.  I want to make  him feel fucking amazing.  I like him to fuck me, as long as he wants.  Then, I like to suck his cock and have him shoot in my throat.  There is something about our two scents mixed together that really gets me hot.

I remember the first time I did this to him.  At first he tried to stop me.  But I whispered, "You eat my ass and then kiss me. So?" The look on his face as I swallowed his cock, to the base, was priceless.  Now he tells me he can't tell which feels better, cumming in my man-hole or throat. I try to get at least one shot in both holes during our fuck sessions.

I know how careful I am about my anal hygiene so for me it is no big deal.  And I meant it, my Top will rim my ass until I beg him to fuck me.  So I don't see a difference.  I would not recommend this activity unless you are completely comfortable with your own hygiene and your Top.

My goal is always to get my load off in a way that leaves me completely spent. I never want to remembered as a lazy fuck.  I perform to my best every time.  I'll bet, even on an off night, I'm better than 99% of other Bottoms. As a Power Bottom I am a control freak, I cannot be satisfied until my Drill Master collapses in exhaustion, milked dry and breathless.  Then and only then do I know I did my job well.

I hope I have given you some insight why I have a passion for ANAL FUCKING.  When done properly is truly is an art form. It is a shame when it is performed poorly.  If you are going to fuck or be fucked, put everything you've got into it.

Tell me your stories, ask me your questions.  Happy fucking to all of your and thank you for reading this lengthy post.


Look at these two gods fucking.

Look at the Top's face.  I'd say the bottom is doing his job well.

P.S.  I have a thing for red-heads.

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