One size does not fit all. What size is for you?




Think carefully.


So, you think bigger is better? Well not so fast buddy, especially if you are a beginner. Even women have limits as to the size of the penis she can accept vaginally. The female vagina is only 3-4 inches indepth. This was brilliantly illustrated in a classic scene in Sex and the City where Samantha is hell bent on getting plowed by an abnormally endowed hunk. Sadly, even this cock-loving slut decides friendship might be a better choice.

Male vs. Female Anatomy:

Actually, the male and female anatomies have some things in common, but men are better suited to accommodating larger penises. So, if any large dicked straight men are reading this, and women cannot take your unit, let a Power Bottom have a try. You might be remarkably surprised. As stated above the female vagina is only about 3-4 inches when not sexually aroused; a man’s anus, rectum, and colon together are longer about 10-12 inches. Moreover, with proper exercises he will remain tighter than any pussy.
The one thing both men and women have in common is the rectum and vagina both will stretch to accommodate large log shaped forms. The difference is that men may be better suited, anatomically and psychologically, to pleasuring horse-hung men. Sorry ladies it’s the truth. Plus, we understand how a cock works and feels, definitely an advantage.

Look at # 17 on this anatomical drawing, the anus. A tight little opening that can stretch wide and still keep its elasticity. The rectum, (not detailed here) follows and then moves to the colon. A very warm, moist, smooth, slick, and long tunnel to milk cocks of all sizes dry.

This is just one design differences between the anal love tunnel and the female vagina. She has limits as to length, he doesn’t. Sure women get butt-fucked, but due to another anatomical advantage, it feels better for men and there we will give a more enthusiastic fuck.

Even though, we men can probably handle 10-12 inches, I’m not sure that bigger is better. Notice # 9, the prostate gland, and its relationship to the anus. It’s only about 2-3 inches above the anus. Why do I point this out? Let’s discuss another important anatomical design difference.

 Well, the prostate is the GLORY GLAND for both Tops and Bottoms. A talented Top will hit the prostate and send his Bottom into paradise. An experienced Bottom will maneuver to have his body to “bump” the glory gland while clamping his Top’s cock. This is a mutually exciting and gratifying dance.

Now here is the major design difference between men and women. Pictured to the left, is the rectum. There is an exterior and interior sphincter muscle. They are ring shape muscles with amazing elasticity and strength. These muscles can stretch and tighten on command. Even thought the vagina is a muscular organ, the strength and elasticity of the sphincters is greater. Therefore, a well-conditioned ass-hole can squeeze a cock much tighter.

With Kegel exercises, you can keep your ass muscles tight and flexible. Simple and discrete, the Kegel regimen can maintain your glory hole in tight and taut condition. Doing Kegels will also help you control your ejaculations, important for both Tops and Bottoms.

In my opinion, the ass, specifically a man’s ass, is far superior to vagina in pleasuring and accommodating the male unit. In addition, of course, the male’s ass is 100 times more sensitive and responsive than the female’s. But why?

Think, but not too specifically, what is the vagina designed to do? It is a sexual organ designed as the gateway to her reproductive system. Therefore, it is a “means of egress.” It lets cocks in and babies out. It can never be as tight as even the most used man’s ass.

The anus and rectum are designed to keep things in. They clamp down watertight. HOWEVER, with coaxing the anus will open and allow another man to glide in into the interior smoothness of his man-gina. A good bottom can contract and relax his sphincters to grab on a cock. He can let his lover plunge in deep, or keep him just out of reach. Alternatively, he can bear down and pulse on his lover’s tool surrounding it with hot, throbbing velvet walls. Pussy is not that talented, not even to most experienced. Even a novice Bottom- Boy will have involuntary muscle contractions that he will soon learn to control to his and his Top’s enjoyment.

Just gander at this clenched fuck-hole. Nice ring of fur and so tight just waiting for a cock to spread his ass-lips open and drill him deep.

I want to point out men’s absolute sexual design superiority feature: our orgasms. Yeah, yeah, women can have multiple orgasms, but most women don’t even get one. Women usually reach orgasm though clitoral stimulation, it is located externally. Our prostate is located inside our bodies just above the anus. Therefore, while being fucked; the pleasure is generated from within and finally flows out to though the cock, causing intense waves of throbbing pleasure. I think you can now agree, some men are designed, by nature, to be Bottoms. Our bodies are equipped to penetrate and more importantly, to be penetrated deeply. We need no attachments; women can’t say that.

Granted not all men want to receive anal intercourse; I, for one, am very grateful to all those Tops who service us hungry Bottom-Men.

Besides internally massaging the prostate gland, pleasurable sensations are generated by stimulating and probing the anus, or ASS-HOLE! The anus is made of perinea tissue. These tissues, (like your lips) are nerve laden and very sensitive. An ass-hole responds positively to touch by finger or tongue. Penetrating a man’s ass-hole with a hard cock will cause extreme pleasure. The Bottom’s anus is constantly stimulated by the to-and-fro motion as well as friction.

A masterful Top will watch for signs of delight and perform those actions either more often or with higher intensity, or both. A Bottom should never be shy about demanding special or specific motions from his Top. However, sometimes it’s good just to let him drill you into ovlivion. Also, TOPS, there are instances when, we Bottoms, want and need to control the speed, force, and depth of the action. Let us have our fun with your penis.


Only if you are a SIZE QUEEN. As I discussed earlier, men are better adapted to taking bigger cocks than women, but does size equal hotter sex?

According AskMen.com women prefer girth to length.

When surveyed, women consistently claimed that girth was more important than length. This surprising response is seemingly odd, as there appears to be no physiological basis for such claims, although more girth may provide more clitoral stimulation.
I do not mean to compare us to women, but there are certain correlations, which are germane to the topic of penis size and sexual satisfaction. All the scientific data suggest that the average size man’s penis is more than sufficient to please and satisfy a typical male Bottom or woman. Hooray for the average men.

Bigger is not necessarily better. “That’s blasphemy,” you say. Bigger is not always bad but it is not necessary to sexual  gratification. Let’s discuss size and pleasure. I believe there is such a thing as too big, more heresy! I have seen, in person and on video, men have unfathomably huge cocks, toys, objects and other body parts stuffed up their man-cunts. That is fine, but I wish to continue feeling the sheer ecstasy of my lovers’ cocks, I just think an 18” x 7”” dildo or other large objects might ruin the experience for him and me.


The anus, and rectum have a remarkable ability to stretch and accommodate the large log-shaped form. However, there are limits and, I believe one should use discretion when contemplating accepting an abnormally large unit up your boigina. I, personally, want to enjoy the ride and not need surgery afterward. Besides, when we learn about the male anatomy, you will find out why bigger isn't necessarily better. Sorry, all you size queens who seek out only monster dicks and won't consider an averaged sized man, I think you are missing out on some of the most pleasurable fucks ever.

Here is a true story that happened to me. Some years ago, I knew this guy, Danny, a tall skinny Mexican. He is sweet guy, always fun and with a great smile. I knew him for about a year before we ran into each other at a party in L. A. He had a tank top on and a saw his nipples for the first time. Very perky and I had to tweak them. Danny just smiled and kissed me hello.
We kept hanging together and as the evening progressed, he kissed me passionately. We decided to leave and go to his place. We were fooling around on his sofa and I felt his crotch, OMG! I couldn’t believe what he had. He wasn’t even totally hard and his pants looked like they would burst. I had to see this beast. I couldn’t believe what Danny had. It is 12” x 7”; I measured it.

I could barely get my mouth around the head. I swallowed as much it as could. Danny was helpful, pushing my head down on it. I choked, but I kept trying. We rolled around on the bed, his cock rock solid now. It is beautiful, very straight, with nice round head and a long foreskin. I had to keep pushing it back to suck him. He had nice balls too, large hangers with very little hair naturally. I licked and sucked them while he smacked my face with his battering ram cock.

He laid on top of me with his massive unit between my legs, and whispered is my ear, “I want to fuck you.” I said something like “you gotta be kidding.” He smiled and assured me it wouldn’t hurt and he would be gentle. He started eating my ass, his tongue drilling me and getting me to relax. Then he stuck a finger in my hole. He knew how to turn me on. Then he slid a second finger still eating me. He lubed his fingers, worked them inside, and whispered, “Relax.” His tongue and fingers got me so worked up.

He rolled me on my stomach, spread my legs and put a pillow under my hips. He went back to rimming me. I was so fucking hard and my ass was so hot. Then I felt him put lube in my boigina. Next, he pushed the head against by ass-hole. I was delirious with anticipation. I relaxed my hole as he began to push it in. I gasped and he asked if I as okay. I moaned. He just held the very tip in me. When he felt me relax a little, he moved in deeper. I felt the helmet go past the first ring. Pain or pleasure, I couldn’t tell at this point. I lifted my ass to give easier entry.
As he moved inside me deeper, the pain got worse. He kissed my neck and massaged between my balls and ass. I finally had him all inside my ass. He started gentle short thrusts, but it hurt too much. He knew I was in pain. Danny was a gentleman. He pulled out slowly and we sucked until we both came.

Danny did everything right. He prepped me for his rod. I wanted to take his cock. He was gentle and slow. He let me take it my pace, but I still ended bleeding a little. I went to doctor the next day. He gave antibiotics and told me to be careful. Huge cocks can cause unintended damage. We are still friends. He has been with the same guy for many years and they are both very happy.

Okay, why isn’t bigger necessarily better. Remember where the prostate, or the GLORY GLAND, is situated; a few inches above the anus. The anal opening itself is nerve-rich and can generate pleasurable sensations when stimulated orally or otherwise, but the prostate is where the real pleasure awaits.

We gay men have been so conditioned by the prevalence of porn to think only a huge cock can bring you joy and satisfaction. A simple anatomy lesson dispels that myth. I have had 9” and 10” cocks and thoroughly enjoyed every fucking inch, but 6 inches massages and bumps my prostate gland almost continuously. The constant stimulation gets me writhing in ecstasy and I fuck my Top with more vigor and force. I can control the direction and force with which a 6” cock hits me. I huge cock is always passing by and never quite hitting the g-spot.

I have known well-endowed Tops who understand this principle. They are quite adept at adjusting the length and depth of their thrusts to produce maximum satisfaction. Lord knows, I appreciate a man who knows how to fuck another man. However, some large men rely solely on size. They ignore technique. Unfortunately, some Bottoms confuse quantity with quality. Nothing could more false.

My partner is average in size 6” x 4¼”. His technique and stamina are extraordinary. He knows every stroke and trick to drive me wild. I know what movements and positions make him crazy. Our fuck sessions can be competitive and lengthy. They are always satisfying and exhausting.

Are you rethinking the whole size thing? I have never been a size queen and I've had many great fucks. Bottoms and Bottom wannabes turn your ass up to that 5"cock, not your nose. Average men, your are the champions. Always eager to please and I for one appreciate the effort.


An Average man with Extraordinary Ability
Better than average cock, but
check out how the Bottom squeezes it. 
Smaller guy, but check the Bottoms face, he's loving it.
 The Bottom is in total bliss,
Nice plunge.
A pool side FUCK.
Both Top and Bottom have nice
asses and cocks.
Big sausage, yum.
This is a very brave man.
Nice hairy cock and ass.
2 hot butch men, very nellie furniture though.
Wish this was me.
There is something so fucking erotic about a black man fucking a white ass,
ANTICIPATION, give it me.
Never too old for cock.
Thank you
This is a comfort ride
So hot when both men have erections.
This is why we get fucked.

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