WARNING: It took me several months to conduct and compile this research. This post is extremely long. So if you do not want to read it all, is the synopsis:


I brag about being an expert Power Bottom and all the techniques I’ve learned and employed. So it’s time for me to either put up to shut up. I take pride in the fact that I can take dick up my ass for hours and still ask for more. Indeed, on several occasions I have worn out multiple suitors in a single evening.

But have I actually analyzed what it is that makes one fuck better than another?

What is it that makes being anally probed so pleasurable?

I get asked for advice on just about every aspect of male-on-male anal intercourse. I also have gotten questions from hetero men. So, how valuable and pertinent is my advice if I do not fully understand, from a scientific and physiological perspective, the MECHANIX OF MALE ASS FUCKING. I decided to apply the scientific method and take a clinical approach to the subject.

I could then feel more confident when answering questions or doling out advice.

Some questions asked are; does size matter or is bigger better? In a word, not always, but that still begs the questions, why this fascination with monster cocks? My guess: pornography.

While I have had a 1 or 2 monster cocks (or maybe more), this one looks like it might hurt.

Listen up men; statistically we will all probably be sitting on average sized penisesmore than other size. Other questions are:

How can I improve staying power (from both Tops and Bottoms)?
From Tops: How can I keep my Bottom from cumming too fast?
Virgins want to know how to get ready for their first time.
Even straight men have visited and asked how to, either get their girlfriends to take it anally or to use a strap-on. No joke.

In every case, I am honest and give the best possible response. If I can’t answer a question promptly, I will research the answer, then respond or refer my readers to appropriate resources.

I am an unabashedly, unashamed POWER BOTTOM. I don’t come across as gay, but there is nothing hetero about me. Even gay men confuse Power Bottom with Size Queen. I am not a size Queen! However, I have no interest in a Top. Being a Bottom is completely natural to me. While I love my own cock and balls, my main source of sexual gratification is from receiving anal intercourse. I do not have a gender identity issue, I like being a man, just a man who prefers to be fucked. My virgin experience was, let’s just say, was uncomfortable, but I finally felt fulfilled and satisfied. Having a man’s penis inside me, felt completely normal and natural. I quickly decided to become extremely good at getting fucked.

I, too, do have a fascination with giant dicks. I’ve taken a few. Some big-dicked men rely solely on size. BULLSHIT, without talent and technique it’s just a battering ram. If you have a Lamborghini and can’t drive it, what good is it? As the saying goes, “to those whom much is given, much is expected.” Some Bottoms also think the more is better; well would you fly on a plane without a trained pilot? But, if that big-diked man respects his size, has great technique, a wants to use his tool for pleasure; the result can be magical. Just as an aside: I believe, with all my heart and soul, that men are better suited anatomically and psychologically to accommodate larger penises than women. You can read my post on PENIS PLEASRURES to find out more.

So let me describe the research I conducted and the methods used to gather and evaluate the data. Using the scientific method, I began with a hypothesis which was:

Is there a correlation between the length and girth of a Top’s penis and the pleasure the Bottom experiences? I realize there are variables other than size, such as; technique, experience, stamina, and sexual chemistry. I believe I have enough experience to mitigate these.

I bet you all have asked that same question. I will try to prove or disprove it once and for all. In a little while I go into detail as to the methods used, so if you wish you may duplicate the experiments and either prove or disprove my findings.

The next step was defining the criteria to be used. Extrapolating the data on the charts in my post titled PENIS SIZE; I’ll define 6 size categories shortly.

I am sure you can come up with many others.
The following are the 6 size categories in the study. They are (note: photos are intended for visual reference only):

1. Sorry:
a. Length 4” or less
b. Girth 4” or less.

Such   ashame, gorgeous face, great body, but....

2 : Smaller than average
a. Length between 4” and 5”
b. Girth 4 1/2 ” or less

This man is smoking hot.

3. Average length and girth
a. Greater than 5 ½ up to 7 inches
b. Girth greater than 4 ½ ” up to 5 1/2"

 Not all black men are oversized. This cutie is very nicely porportioned.

4. Average length but extraordinary girth (BEER CAN)
a. Length between 5” and 7”
b. Girth greater than 6”

Short but stout.

5. Above average length and average girth
a. Length 8” or 9”
b. Girth between 5” and 5 1/2”

This guy has no reason to saad. I know a dozen or rmore men that would be glad to sit on his very straight cock.

a. 10” or greater in length.
b. Girth of greater than 6”

That thing shoudl be kept from small children and household pets.

This category will be challenging for me.

The next step was to set up the experiment itself. To keep objectivity, there had to be some uniformity that with each test subject. Keep in mind there are two test subjects in each experiment; the Top and me, the Power Bottom. I will be the final arbiter of the quality and quantity of the pleasure perceived based on the length and girth of each subject’s penis. I hope my experience as a Bottom will overcome any possible deficiencies in the Top’s performance. The following are the steps and techniques that MUST be utilized:

Condoms must be worn during anal penetration

In order to ensure complete satisfaction of both me and the test subject, the sex session should flow naturally. As in any normal sexual scenario, the progression should natural and organic whenever possible.

Foreplay should take place prior to any anal penetration. This includes but is not limited to:

1. Kissing, I find it a real turn on. If I’m with a good kisser, it can make me almost self-lubricate.

2. Nipple play can get me in the mood to suck and fuck a hot and hard rod.

3. Hand Jobs, this is a great way of exploring every contours of a Top’s cock.

4. Ball Sucking and Tea-Bagging. As some of you know, I have a fascination with testicles. I can never get enough.

5. Fellatio, yes cock sucking. I love to suck a man off and to have my cocked sucked dry. Some die-hard Drill-Masters will eat ass but not suck dick, that won’t fly with me. My dick needs attention too.

6. Digital penetration is a great way for the Top to explore his Bottom's love canal. Finger Fucking is always a great way to get a hole ready and loosened for bigger cocks.

7. Anallingus or rimming, as most men know it, is the ultimate and will always put me the mood to receive cock.

8. Multiple positions will be used in order to best determine with one(s) are optimal for each cock size category. Any combnation or variation of the following may be utilizzed.

One of my favorites. Great penetration

Okay, these two men are just gorgeous. This is a favotie way to make intital penen tation for me.
This is a special mement for a Bottom, The second just before the head slips through the anus.

I call this TIPPING.

If the Bttom and Top are in sync, the friction is this position can lead to premature ejaculation.

I call this position the "Scissor." If your Top is smaller, he can hit the glory gland fairly easily in this position.

ffThe tried and true BEND OVER. I like this because I can thrust back on my Top.  He an also thrust upward and really massage the spot.
A variation of the scissor postion I call SIDE SADDLE. The Top has to be forceful because the Bottom has limited mobility in this position

Oh yes, in this position, although it seems very passive, the Bottom can feel very contour of his Top's penis.
Just one of my all time favorites. The top and Bottom can coordinate moements to attain maximum pleasure,

The Top can thrust upward as he ploughs his Bottom's ass. He can produce super pleasure each time he does this. I think the Bottom's face says it all.
A variation of the standord missionary. the Bottom is at the mercy of the Top. As the top, you better be great or your Bottom will get bored.
Legs folded over, mmm, mmm great. All the Bottom has to do is accept his lovers meat and the plesure it induces. Tje Top has total control here.
After foreplay and oral-digital-genital stimulation has aroused both participants’ to a sexual frenzy could the initial penetration take place, with only one caveat:

After foreplay and oral-digital-genital stimulation has aroused both participants’ to a sexual frenzy could the initial penetration take place, with only one caveat:


 Why doggy position? Simple, it is the one position where I have a great deal of control, (with the cooperation of the Top). I can control the entry speed and depth. In this position I can feel and note the any difference in sensations created by various shaped and sized penises. After initial entry, all rules are off and the fuck session should progress organically.

Either subject can initiate position changes and activities at any point after the initial anal penetration. There should be multiple positions engaged to determine which position, if any, is ideally suited for each size/shape category.

Lastly, at least once with each test subject, I must achieve orgasm while still being penetrated.

 Bart and I selected the Tops to participate. Bart is fully aware of my blogs, but I had to assure him that this was a purely scientific endeavor, this was strictly professional. He fully supported my decision to conduct this research. . But I wanted his input in choosing the test subjects. There would be at seven days between each experiment. During this “down time” I will perform rigorous kegel exercises to ensure a super tight man-hole.

The next step was to recruit.

First I put a posting in a local gay rag. I got numerous weird emails. A handful appeared to be noteworthy so we set up a meeting at a local bar. I have a newsflash, “people are not always honest on-line.” We decided this was not the best approach. I did meet one really interesting man, Germahl. I took him into the restroom and examined the goods. Let’s just say there is plenty.

We decided to throw a covert, clothing optional hot-tub party in our backyard. Our yard is lushly and privately landscaped and gay men love to take their clothes off. We only have a large spa tub so there would be no “shrinkage effect” to consider. This way we could identify possible test subjects without them being aware of the real reason for the evening’s festivities.

I identified 5 or 6 possible candidates; notably sorry and above average length and average girth. I would approach them at a later date to see if they were amenable in participating in my study. I decided that it would best to fully disclose my purely scientific interest in their penises.

We met Milos while vacationing in Budapest. Bart noticed him staring at us while lunching in a sidewalk cafĂ©. We signaled him over and started chatting. He has quite a package even in loose fitting trousers. I inquired about his bulge while strolling across a park and he quickly shared his glory. Bart snapped the photo. That’s when I told Bart to leave us alone, I found a valuable test subject. He could join later for a tree-way.

I never told Milos I was using him as a test subject. For that I am sorry. Milos if you are reading this, I apologize, but I think you got what you wanted anyway.

Only the names in quotations have been changed at the request of the participant. I did promise anonymity to all. The photos are real, but their faces have been cropped. Full disclosure here is a picture of my hole. As one will note, I’m far from virginity. It isn’t the prettiest but it has brought me and many men a whole lot of pleasure.

I will analyze the pros and cons of each category, try to eliminate or, at least, minimize, other variables. I will issue a ranking of 1 – 5 cocks. Obviously, 1 being low and 5 being the absolute highest ranking.

Length 4” or less length
Girth smaller in 4”

“Gio”: self-described Top-Man

Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: Insurance Broker
5’9” 165 lbs.
PENIS: Length 3-7/8”
Girth: 4”

I’ve known Gio for a few years. He has always wanted to fuck me since Bart bragged about my talents. He is a fun and outgoing guy with a big personality.

He was almost too enthusiastic. He wanted to jump right in a make me “see the virgin,” his words. I got him under control by licking his balls; they are just so damn cute. After that he was very agreeable and followed protocol.

He made sure he stimulated my hole both orally and digitally. He has excellent anallingus technique. After about 30 minutes of sucking and kissing, I got on my knees and “winked’ at him. He was only too happy to oblige.

I slowly backed up on I super rigid dick. As soon as he was in, I began to explore it with my ass muscles, it was rock hard. He started pumping my ass hard. I noticed he pulls out completely with each backward movement, probably due to his size, or lack of. But then he pierces my ass lips again and again, I really liked this.

We are about the same physical stature but he is very agile and flipped over and lifted my legs and slid back in. He came fairly quickly. He never lost is erection, he just changed condoms and asked me sit on it. Sure.

I enjoyed his pumping me, even though my ass-lips were getting a little sore from all the penetration. I think he came four or five times, never once losing rigidity. I still wasn’t even close. It was tricky getting his cock to hit my glory gland. I finally turned on my right side and lifted my left leg; Gio took the cue and stared fucking me hard. I knew I could get maximum penetration in this position. Eventually, with self-stimulation I shot off my first load.

We replayed this a few more times. Afterward, we were both exhausted and covered in sweat and gizz, we collapsed and fell asleep.

Overall Rating:


I don’t know if I saw the virgin, but Gio did give a good fuck. As I said, the constant piercing of my man-pussy was very pleasurable, although I was little sore the next day. He made up for lack of size with determination and vigor.

I could definitely feel his cock inside. I had trouble getting him to hit the g-spot, so I did not get as much internal pleasure as with a larger penis. I prefer a Top to make me cum without self-stimulation. Poor Gio just couldn’t achieve that .
Length between 4 1/2 and 5”
Girth 4-4 1/2”

David – Versatile w/ Top Preference.

Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Server
5’-10” 170 lbs.
PENIS : Length: 5 “
Girth: 4 1/2 “

I met David trough my best friend Larry, they dated a few months back. Larry is a size queen. He was eager from the start and offered his services quickly. I went over to his apartment for our session.

After a few minutes of chit-chat, I gently rubbed the growing bulge in his shorts. In a flash, he was out of his shorts and standing at attention. His cock is very pretty with a nice round head with a big ball sac. I told him to turn around and let me inspect his man-hole. He turned and bent over; I got on my knees and began to rim his pretty pink hole. He grabbed his knees and moaned. I knew this would be fun.

David was very experienced in all the oral arts. One of the best kissers ever. His cock ad balls just smelled so great, I can’t describe it other than he smelled like a man. He really liked to finger fuck. He laid me on my stomach and explored my depths for a long while, I finally couldn’t take it anymore and pushed up to me knees and demanded he put his cock against my ass-lips.

I relaxed my sphincter and slowly pulled him inside. His rockshaft and head are almost the same diameter so it was very comfortable taking him in. I began to massage it with my ass muscles and he just sighed. After a few seconds he began with slow rhythmic thrusts, almost pulling out then going in so slow. I let him do this few minutes but then I wanted it little rougher, so a thrust back on his cock hard and fast.

He took the cue. He laid on top and rolled me on my side, lifted my right leg and started pounding me. He was hitting my glory gland and I was felt so fucking great. I slid off his dick and rolled on my back.

I lifted my legs and he flew in like a high speed train . David pushed my ass up and was fucking me hard. I could feel my nuts tighten and I knew what that meant. A few more thrusts and I shot over my head. I looked up he was frowning. I told him not to worry, just relax and stay still a few minutes. He did and my cock was hard again.

We fucked, sucked and ate each other’s holes for e few more hours. He and I both came 4 times each. I came twice while he was fucking me, once without self-help. He sucked me off once too. All of his were while in my ass.

Overall Rating:


David is man who en joys other men’s bodies. His cock did hit my g-spot and I saw stars every time. I wanted just a little more because in certain positions, I wasn’t getting all the pleasure I would have liked. But I was satisfied just the same.

Where he was superior is in his uninhibited approach to sex. He has no qualms about having any part of his body, touched, licked or otherwise stimulated. He let me suck his dick and balls and eat his ass. In fact he even pushed my fingers in is ass-hole and he shot a little pre-cum. He was very unselfish at let me control his cock when I wanted. I think this is important for Tops to understand, sometimes you have allow the Bottom to do the active fucking of your cock.

Length between 5” and 6”
Girth between 5” and 5 3/4”
Bart: Drill Master Top
Occupation: HR Manager
5’-11”, 160 lbs.
PENIS : Length: 6 1/4“
Girth: 5 3/4 “

Full disclosure, this is Bart, my partner. He insisted and I couldn’t say no. It is all but impossible for me to be impartial here because I know his cock so well and he knows exactly what to do to get my juices flowing. While he isn’t overly endowed, the curve upward in his cock is what hits all the right spots.

We made a date of it, just trying to make it a little different than just jumping into bed. I rented a room in a gay guest house to make it more exciting. After we checked in, I took of my shirt and dropped my trousers and stood there in nothing but a leather cock ring. Bart got on his knees and began licking and sucking my dick. I unbuttoned his shirt and started tweaking his nipples.

In short order he was naked and we were in the bed 69-ing. Bart began to flick his tongue on my asshole, this only made me want to swallow him harder. He rolled me on my stomach, spread my legs and gave me a fantastic tongue fuck. I actually shot a load just because he was eating my ass.

I sat him on the edge on the bed and began to suck his balls and cock. I could feel his balls tighten up. I fingered his tight hole and he shot a load in my mouth. Now we were even. Bart began to massage my anus, I was instantly hard. He lubed his finger and penetrated my hole. I clamped on his finger. After about 20 minutes of sucking and finger fucking he turned on his back and just smiled. I knew what he wanted, and I needed it too.

I straddled his hips and slowly guided his hard cock inside my pulsing ass-hole. Once I had him completely inside I just sat there clenching it. He flexed his penis and I could feel it throb inside. I started riding it hard and fast. I could feel the head on his cock hit my prostate.

I rolled over on my back and Bart lifted my legs and his cock instantly found its mark. He fucked me with long hard strokes; alternately eating my hole just to drive me wild. I needed more control so I pushed away and got on my knees. Bart didn’t miss a beat. I thrust back on his pulsing cock and rocked it side to side. My nuts began to throb. I grabbed his hips I pulled hard towards me. He pounded me hard, I shot my second load. I collapsed with Bart on top, his cock still inside.

My hole was pulsing and sensitive. I could feel the base of his cock throbbing. He just held me for about 5 minutes and then slowly started fucking me. Waves on euphoria rushed over and my dick was rock hard again. This time I wanted him to shoot and I wanted to watch while he did. I pushed him away and rolled over. I lifted my legs around his shoulders. My hole was swollen and offered no resistance. He drilled me for what seemed an hour; finally I could feel his cock grow and he began to grunt. Almost without warning he exploded inside and I could him fill the condom. When he was spent he fell on top gasping for breath.

Overall rating:


We obviously know each other’s bodies. But I came a total of 4 times without any self-stimulation. In our travels I have watched Bart fuck other men and he can almost always get them to cum without touching their cocks. He is a natural pro Top. He worships asses.

Other than knowing my buttons, Bart changes tempo and positions often. He is not afraid to eat my ass after he’s been fucking it. This is amazing because the anus is swollen and sensitive and the sensation of a tongue is enough to send me to heaven. He knows when to pull out and how to re-enter. He can sense when his Bottom is close and change positions or rhythm to prolong the ecstasy. And even at 42 he keeps his erection most of the night. Nice when I am really horny, I can just sit on while he sleeps. If I could open a school for Top’s, Bart would be the head instructor.

Length between 5” and 6”
Girth greater than 6 1/2”

Milos: Top Man

Sign Unknown
Occupation: Didn't ask
5’-11”, 170 lbs.
PENIS : Length: 6 1/8 “
Girth: 6 1/2“

As I mentioned earlier, I met Milos on vacation in Hungary. His cock is just so beautiful. I made it abundantly clear that I was interested in fucking him. Turns out, I didn’t need to work so hard. American men are very popular in Eastern Europe because of our comfort with anal sex. Despite the porn coming out of Europe, being a Bottom still carries a stigma. I told him to come to the Kempinski Hotel, room 422 at 4 pm.

As soon as the door closed, Milos asked about Bart. I told him not to worry and began to kiss him. He has those full lips so common in this part of the world. He asked if he could shower. I nodded. I watched him undress. He pulled his shirt off. He dropped his pants. He was commando. His ass was round and hard. He was already rock-hard. I got naked and waited on the bed.

He slid on to the white sheets and began to bite my right nipple and grab my dick. I looked down at his cock and helped liberate it from its hood. The head was perfectly shaped and pink. I grabbed and considered its girth. This might take some effort.

Milos was eager; he rolled me on my back at tried to get my legs over his shoulders. I had to resist. I guided him to my cock; he eagerly sucked it down to the root. I spread my legs to tempt him to eat my ass. He licked my testicles, but would not go further. Then I thought; maybe he doesn’t know how to rim.

I rose and rolled him on his back and began to suck his amazing dick. I had to take a deep breath to swallow all of it. His balls are fat and heavy. I wanted to swallow them too. He spread his legs so I was able to get beneath his sac. I fingered his ass, he objected, but I told him not worry. I began to flick my tongue on his anus. He was tentative at first but he eventually gave full access. I ate his ass for about 10 minutes while his writhed and moaned. He was jerking his cock so I didn’t want to stop. I penetrated his outer sphincter with my tongue and he shot a huge load all over his chest. He ran to the bathroom, I heard the shower start. He called me in.

He embraced me as I stepped in. He began to lather my body. I was enjoying the attention. Then turned me around and pushed me to wall; I could feel his rod between my legs. Then I felt his hand cup my butt. It moved to my ass crack and then his finger found my asshole. He fingered it, I made it twitch. He was a very good student because he began to eat my ass. When he stood and kissed my neck, the impossible happened, his dick felt harder than before. I reached back and grabbed it, it was thick and hard. I knew what I needed.

His cock was slick with soap and water, my ass was open from his fingering and rimming, so I guided this rocket inside my hole. It stretched my outer ring. When it hit the second ring, it stopped; I couldn’t get all the way in. He slowly rocked and pushed gently. He was just too thick. It was uncomfortable, damn. I turned the water off.

When we got back in bed, I put a condom on him and lubed him with “Gun Oil” silicone lubricant. I got in the doggie position and grabbed his dick and rubbed on my anus. He pushed the head in and I held him back. I need to get used to girth and stiffness. After a few seconds I relaxed and took him deeper, again I couldn’t get him past the inner sphincter muscle. He held it there pushing so gently. Each time he tried to go deeper, I felt incredible pain. I was getting nervous that I couldn’t accept his thick penis. I laid down on stomach while Milos held my ass cheeks. I took some deep breaths and relaxed my ass muscle; like magic, his cock slowly slid in deep. I gasped; I could feel his dick fill me completely. There was intense pressure on my g-spot. He just rocked inside; I came unexpectedly.

I laid there breathing hard. I could feel his cock throbbing deep inside my ass. He whispered something I couldn’t understand and I clamped on his tool. He took this as a go and started fucking me with long and slow strokes. At first I wanted him to stop, but soon it felt so great that I just laid there on my stomach with my legs spread. By now, he had stretched my rubber bands and there was no resistance. I could feel my dick swelling again.

It took Milos about 45 minutes before he shot again. By now I couldn’t get enough of his dick. I was accustomed to the girth. It felt amazing. I wanted to watch his face so I rolled on my back and he gently kissed me while spreading my legs. My hole was so open that his cock slipped in effortlessly. I felt wave of euphoria with each inch. He was very rhythmic in fucking me. He took his time. I raised my butt to meet his thrust. After a few minutes I felt my nuts pull up and knew I was going to shoot.

At about 6:30 Bart came in and we ordered from a restaurant downstairs. Later we had an incredible 3-way. Bart got off eating Milos’ ass while I got fucked. After milos came, Bart swooped in. To my astonishment his cock felt amazing. The extra girth hadn’t completely stretched me out. I sucked Milos while Bard rode my ass.



Milos’ cock was a little uncomfortable at first. It did not take long to get accustomed to it. Since the anus is so sensitive, his extra girth really stretched it to the point just before pain. It was electric. 1He had the perfect length to hit the glory gland almost in every position with every thrust.

I did not have to take any extraordinary or unusual moves to get the pleasure I wanted. His cock filled my entirely without going too far. After an entire of evening being fucked, first by Milos then both he and Bart, my asshole was very swollen and sore. I took a warm bath followed with an ice water douche just to reduce the swelling. I did notice something peculiar; it was almost a week before I was horny again. Something to think about. I made sure to do Kegels for the next week several times daily.

While, Bart is about the same length as Milos, I sometimes need to twist to get his cock to hit my glory spot. Milos just hit by sliding inside. Sorry Bart, but your technique and attention more than compensate, so don’t worry.

Length: 8” to 9”
Girth: 5” and 5 3/4”

Jeremy”: Top preference

Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Sales Rep.
5’-11”, 172 lbs.
PENIS : Length: 8.75”
Girth: 5.50 “

I met “Jeremy” at our spa party. He was the guest of our friend Donald. He is your typical bad-ass, Midwest, butch boy. Not entirely comfortable with his sexuality but highly oversexed. I thought, after seeing his meat dangling as he came out of the hot tub, the might me a rough fuck. I asked Donald to broach the subject.

At first Jeremy was a little hesitant; he thought it might be a set up. I assured him that I really was doing research and he and his penis were exactly what I was looking for. He replied something like, “you and every other queen.” I decided to ignore the comment. About a week later, Bart was out of town; I made a date.

After a few cocktails, we ended up at his apartment. He was “lubed” with liquor; I hoped it wouldn’t affect the outcome. I could see the bulge inside his jeans so I got down and began chewing on it. He responded by unbuttoning the fly. His cock fell out, half hard, but growing. I swallowed it and grabbed his nuts. It began to grow in my throat. I pulled away to admire this tool. It was longer than I thought. MMMM. We both pulled our clothes off hurriedly.

He led me to his bed, pushed me down and began kissing me hard. This was going to be fun, I could see Jeremy liked to control the sex, but so did I. We wrestled on the bed, each one trying to gain the advantage. Finally he was on top and we were 69ing. He was sucking y cock furiously and face-fucking me with his huge dick. I couldn’t swallow all of it. I thought I could take if I was on top.

I rolled away and sat him on the edge of the bed. I began stroking his long dick. I licked the head and then, slowly worked in all the way down my throat. It choked me but I persisted. He began playing with my hole. I swallowed harder. He stood up and began ramming it in my throat.

He pulled me to my feet and bent me over the edge of the bed. He began to lick my testicles and dick. His tongue was as furious as his thrusting. He moved up to my ass-hole and just forced his tongue into my hole. It felt amazing. He then licked his finger and began probing me. Was he looking for something? He grunted and started eating my ass hard. While he was doing this I heard a wrapper rip. I just smiled to myself.

Jeremy began slapping his insanely hard cock on my butt. My hole, was twitching hard and fast. His fingers were lubed and opening me up. I clamped tight, he grunted again. I could feel him rub the head on my anus. I wanted it. He pushed it and pulled it out. He kept doing this, just pushing the head in and quickly pulling out. Each time I moaned loader. Finally, I took control and reached back and slowly guided him inside. That’s when he began to talk trashy.

I felt him pierce my inner ring, ahh. His cock felt so fucking good, at first. Then helmet passed over my glory gland, I moaned and relaxed further. He just kept sliding in; reaching places that hadn’t been reaching for long time. When he was all the way in, I grabbed his ass and held him so he couldn’t move. I had to get accustomed to the length, the girth was fine. After I few minutes he started pumping my ass. He would pull out fast and slowly go in deep. Each time I screamed and shot a pre-cum.

I told him I wanted to sit on it. He gladly obliged and lay down. I sat on it very deliberately, feeling the head push my insides apart. His cock kept massaging my glory gland. I bounced hard on his stiff wood for over 20 minutes. My legs were burning; I finally fell to my side. Jeremy lifted my legs high and just slid in fast.

With my ass in the air, he fucked me hard. I couldn’t hold on any more and I shot a huge load on my face. He bent down and licked some it. I told him to stay inside, just stay still. We laid there, my legs around his back, his cock throbbing inside for about 5 minutes. He slowly pulled his hard meat out. He changed condoms and rolled my on my stomach.

He began massaging my butt. He fingered my hole gently. It was swollen with blood extra flow, I twitched it for him, he licked it, I screamed in pleasure. He then started to rim me hard. He was teasing my ass with fingers and tongue. Then I felt the head poking, I relaxed my sphincter and it passed through. It just kept going deeper and deeper. I sighed and let him plough me for the longest time. He came while I was on stomach. I could feel each pump fill the condom. When he finished he just said, “Hot ass bro.” He pulled the rubber off and showed me his output. He was proud. We both dozed for about 30 minutes.

When opened my eyes, I could see he was hard; I rolled a rubber on him. I think he was still asleep. I began to sit on it, he opened his eyes, smiled and grabbed my hips and guided me to the base of his cock. He held me there; I could feel him flex his penis inside me. I needed to ride it but he wouldn’t let me. Finally I broke free and stared pumping my ass on his cock. Jeremy began playing with my cock and balls. I just rode his dick faster, I rocked on it, and I could feel it hit all the right spots. I started pulling his balls and he grunted. I pulled harder; his dick got harder each time.

I just kept bouncing and finally I had to cum. I shot and as I did Jeremy thrust his hips upwards and I could feel him throb inside. He was cumming again too. I kept milking his dick until there was no more throbbing. We showered quickly and slept before fucking a few more times.



Not a perfect score, but pretty damn close. The only reason I didn’t give Jeremy 5 cocks, is that when he pushed deep there was a little discomfort I stress little. His average girth of 5 1/2 inches was extremely comfortable. In fact I dubbed his cock a “COMFORT RIDE.”

It hit all the right spots. I really only had to relax to accept the extra inches. I would have liked more ass-lip piercing action. I find this very sexually satisfying. There were moments when I felt some pain, but that was probably due to his stiffness combined with the extra length. Since Jeremy was a butch top, he really didn’t allow me to take a lot of control. I let him do as he pleased. I do believe that he relies a little on his size and ignores technique and the person while he is climaxing.

He was uninhibited; he had no problem eating my ass after fucking it. He also didn’t hesitate to feed my mouth after fucking my ass. I do enjoy tasting the mixture of my and m y Top. I did enjoy the dirty talk. He knows how to do it without degrading his partner. If Jeremy wanted to fuck me again, I would have a hard saying no.

10” or greater in length.
Girth of greater than 6 1/2”
I'm talking about Michael Brandon (10” x 6 1/2”) or better.
It’s been a long time since I attempted one of these. This will be a challenge for me given what happened with Milos.
I have had a fantasy of sitting on Michael's dick ever since the first time I saw him in action. He really knows how to get an asshole prepared to accept this amazing piece of meat.

Hector: Self-proclaimed All Top

Actual Stats: Age 31
Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Dancer
5’-9”, 185 lbs.
PENIS : Length: 10”
Girth: 6 1/2“

In Greek mythology, hector was a soldier and hero in the Iliad. He was known for his fighting ability. I was looking for a good battle. By the size of his penis, he certainly has a formidable weapon.

I met Hector at a nude dance club. You guessed it; he was part of the entertainment. When I saw him helicoptering, I was determined to recruit him. It wasn’t all the difficult when I told him all he needed to do is give me the most amazing fuck in the world. He just looked down at his glory and said in a heavy accent, “Theess weell make you wich for it to neber estop.” I told him to speak in Spanish. Cocky boy, I liked his confidence. I met him at his home a few days later. Believe me, I douched extra deep for this ride.

He was wearing only very short spandex when he answered the door. I brought a bottle of wine, what else could I do. The bulge was evident inside the white spandex. He hugged me and invited me in. I could feel his cock press against me. He took the wine and came back with two glasses.

We went into his bedroom and sat on the bed listening to a Latin radio station. He kissed my neck and slipped his hand under my ass. In a hurry, thought. I just turned and kissed his lips. I couldn’t resist, I had to feel his cock. OMG! How was I ever going to get him inside me?

He laid me down and started kissing my neck and unbuttoning my pants. I helped and pulled my shirt off. His cock was straining the spandex. I thought it needed to be free. It was amazing close up, pink, smooth with a curve to right. I kissed the head and licked his piss slit. He smelled of cologne and balls.

He stared sucking my cock and balls. I lifted my legs, but he just paid attention to my dick, turned around to suck his cock. I had strain my jaw to take him in. He kneeled over me and feed me all I could handle. He then stared playing with my asshole. I tried to get him rim me but he wasn’t taking the bait.

I got him on his back and fed him my dick. He swallowed eagerly. I gave him my balls and then slowly maneuvered so he had no choice but to eat me. He complained. I told him to try it, he refused. He did start to finger my ass. I pulled his middle finger out, and then bent down to lick it. He smiled. I gave him lube and a rubber.

I laid on my stomach and spread my legs and cheeks for him to see my hole. He dripped lube and rubbed it in. I felt one finger, I moaned. Then two, I grunted. Then three, it was a little uncomfortable, but Hector whispered: “Tengo que estirar tu ano.” “I have to stretch your anus.” I was grateful for the preparation. He fingered my as for what seemed a half an hour. I wasn’t complaining. He pulled me to my knees.

I felt the cock head pressing against my ass-lips. I pressed towards it. His cock is torpedo shaped so head slid in easily. I just held it there; he began to push in deeper. I could feel the head go through the second ring and my ass was being stretched wide. The deeper it went the more pain I felt. I pulled off, but he pulled me back on. I told him to go slow.

He pushed me back on my stomach, spread my legs with his knees and pushed the head in again. The in one move he shoved it all inside. The pain was intense, he was determined. I grabbed him and held him still. I needed to get used to the size of this monster. I thought I was going to burst. His cock hit my prostate and banged it until I was in pain. He kept pumping my ass-hole hard and fast. He shot a load. I was releived; I could rest for the second attempt.

About 45 minutes later he was rock hard again. This time I told him I wanted the control. He said, "Claro, papi.” I wanted to see how far I could swallow his meat. I could only get about half down before gagging. As I tried he had three fingers in my loosened asshole. I straddled his hips and rolled and condom on his dick. I then pumped lube up my ass and slathered his cock. I pressed it to my anus. My ass was twitching and very sore from the first fuck. But I was determined to enjoy this ride. I sliped the head in and then, very slowly began to sit on it.

I took several attempts and about 15 minutes to get it all the way in. Hector was more patient this go -round. Once I was completely on his meat I just sat and ground my ass on his hips. I could feel it throb inside. My anus was stretched almost to breaking. I slowly started riding it. I thought, as long as I have control this feels good. Suddenly Hector began thrust upward, hard. Each thrust hurt. His cock was so huge. I jumped off. He got up and lifted my legs over his shoulders.

I guided him slow. The penetration felt fantastic. But then he pushed hard and began to pound my ass. I lost my erection because of the discomfort. He changed to doggy and I tried to shoot a load but never could. Finally Hector started pumping fast short strokes. I felt the base of his dick grow he shot a second load. He collapsed on top of me. His cock still pulsing in my ass. He rolled off and fell asleep. I left about an hour later.



I wish I could blame it all on Hector, but I can’t.But he deserves much of the blame for a bad fuck. His cock is ginormous. I do think that if he took time to really prep my bougina, I would have been more relaxed and capable of handling his superior size. He did like to control the situation. I did get the impression that he thought his size is enough to satisfy a Bottom. Well it wasn’t.

Hector was not concerned with my pleasure, only his. As long as his cock was being serviced he was cooperative. But As a man, I want attention aid to my entire body. Not just a cock up my ass. Hector just wanted his cock pleasured. He was rough, (not in a good way) and bruised my prostate so I couldn’t reach an orgasm. That was truly a shame


I was determined to find out if all huge cocks were the same. All the men that got fucked by Michael Brandon seemed to love it. I know they are actors, but they aren’t that good.

Germahl: DRILL MASTER (claims he’s never been fucked)

Actual Stats: Age 46
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Truck Driver
6’-0”, 170 lbs.
PENIS : Length: 10”
Girth: 7 1/4“

I met Germahl through the ad I placed. When I asked him why he answered, he replied, “A good hole deserves a good dick.” I told him that I was nervous when I saw the size and he just smiled I told me I was in good hands. Several months later, we met at a small boutique hotel on the beach.

I was waiting when he arrived about 45 minutes late. He is a soft spoken man with an intense stare. He kissed me and dropped an overnight bag on the floor. He reached in a pulled a bottle of Moet and a pair of glasses. He asked if I it like porn. I nodded.

He pulled out a DVD; guess the title, “Battle of the Big Dicks” with Michael Brandon. When I asked why the vid, he just replied “Inspiration baby.” I poured some wine and got naked. He sat down on the bed, took his shirt off and undid his pants. His manhood fell out and I was very anxious, I didn’t enjoy Hector and Germahl is bigger.

We watched the video for about 10 minutes when I leaned over and whispered: don’t be nervous, anything is possible.” I decided to tell him about my last encounter with a big dick. He frowned and said when he finds a man who can take his dick; he is very respectful and gentle. Then he admitted: there aren’t many who can take his manhood.

I bent down and smelled his dick. It was very manly, musky and salty. It was a heady aroma, I had to taste it. He spread his legs and let me enjoy licking his dick and balls. He did nothing but sit there. I helped him out his jeans. When he was naked I stood back. Germahl must have noticed my fear because he got up and hugged and kissed me gently. He lay on top kissing me. I felt his manhood get bigger and harder on my abdomen.

He then whispered, “Take it at your own speed.” I felt a little reassured, but how was I going to sit on 10” X 6 3/4” without ending up the ER let alone walk the next day.

I could only suck the head which is slightly lighter than his shaft. His foreskin is loose and rested just behind the helmet. Very sexy I thought. His balls were relatively normal compared to his battering ram. I loved the aroma of them. He just sat there allowing me have fun with his dick. I admit I was stalling. I knew this would hurt.

He put on my back and began to kiss my nipples while cupping my balls with his left hand. I felt a finger searching for my hole. He continued kissing and biting me all the down to my cock. He looked up smiled and said, “Fresh shave, I like a smooth dick and mancunt.” Then be began licking my balls. I spread my legs wide. His tongue was massive and hot. I pulled him up to kiss him. His tongue was furious in my mouth. I grinned.

He got up and changed the DVD, I didn’t care. Then he unpacked his bag. I pile of Maxim condoms, huge bottle of silicone lube, some other lotions, a few cock rings, and a small rubber syringe object. He put a leather cock ring on me very tightly. He said; it will help. He then swallowed my balls and fingered my ass. I twitched my hole and he just moaned.

Germahl, spread my legs and lifted them, he looked down at my ass and then at me. He said, “Don’t worry; I’ll make this good for you.” He started taking long hot laps with his tongue on my asshole. It felt incredible. He then started fingering and licking my ass. A puddle of pre-cum was oozing on my abs. He asked if I minded his eating me, I just twitched my hole and moaned. He then started kissing passionately. All the while he had two fingers in my ass. He then asked if I trusted him, I said yeah.

He rolled e on stomach, placed a pillow under my hips and told me to just to relax. He would do all the work. He started eating my ass while making growling noises. His tongue was drilling me hard, and then he stuck two lubed fingers inside. He grunted “Nice hole.” I think this went on for about 45 minutes, him eating and finger funking me. Occasionally he would slap his meat on my anus. He was working my anus gently and slowly, I could feel it relax.

He then asked me to put some desensitizing lotion on my dick. I did. I felt lube dripping on my ass. I heard him roll a condom on; the moment of truth had arrived. I tensed up and Germahl sensed it. I felt something enter my ass, small and hard. I turned, and he said, “Just lubing you deep baby, don’t worry.”

He started stretching my ass with two fingers. He was gentle, then three, I moaned. I could feel his dick resting on my nuts. It was so hard and heavy. I could feel all his fingers prying e open. He laid on top and nibbled my neck and said, “You ready for daddy.” I just nodded.

He was kneeling aver my lifted ass. He told me to take at me own pace, there was in no hurry. He pushed the head against my bougina. I wanted it. He pushed in a little in and let it slip out. He kept doing this, each time pushing  little more in then letting in slip out. When the head was all in, I could feel my ass straining wide. I grunted and he pulled out. Then he rubbed a desensitizing lotion on my asshole. He tried a few more times but I could only take the head. But my ass was so fucking hungry.

He pulled me up, grabbed a few pillows and took me over to the small desk. He put the pillows on the desk and told me to sit on top. He then lubed his cock again and grabbed my legs. He told me take a deep breath and just relax, this would work. I told him in my bag were some poppers, he got them. I took a whiff. He pressed his cock at my hole, I relaxed and it started moving inside me. He hit the second sphincter and I couldn’t take any more. He pulled out slowly.

Germahl began kissing me. I could feel his cock pushing on my ass-lips. He gave me the bottle. I inhaled. His cock was sliding inside. He kept kissing me. I could feel it hit the inner muscle. He just held his cock still with slight pressure. I took a deep breath and felt the huge helmet spreading me open. I relaxed as his entire tool moved deep inside me. He just held me tight without moving. I felt strain but no real discomfort. He looked at me and waited for a sign. I clamped as hard as I could.Germahl began taking very long and slow strokes. He was careful not to push too hard or fast. I think I blacked out, for a second, from the ecstasy. His cock is huge, but it felt amazing. He fucked me on the desk for 10 minutes. He pulled out very slowly. As he slipped out, and I gasped.

He went back to the bed and he asked to try and sit on it. I felt my asshole; it was loose but not gaped. There was no blood. I thought; I can do this. He sat on the edge of the bed and turned my ass toward his cock. It was glistening and throbbing. I grabbed it, my hand hardly closing around the incredible girth. I pushed it to my ass-lips and let the head pop in. I stopped there to feel it just inside. My cock had got hard again. I no longer needed the poppers. I held on his cock shaft while I sat slowly on his marvelous meat. When I had my ass pressed on his hips and stayed still. He flexed his cock and I shot some juice. He began to bite my neck. I started bobbing up and down very gently. I was used to his size, but it was till dangerous.

After a few minutes I got up. As I got off, I felt empty; I wanted more of him. I got on my stomach with a 2 pillows under my hips. Germahl entered my man-pussy very gently. Again he was rhythmic and slow. He understood the damage he could cause. My hole was on fire. My glory gland was being massage but not battered. I shot a huge load and it was fucking unbelievable. When I finished cumming, Germahl gently slipped out and jerked off on my face. I just wanted to rest.

About and hour later, I felt something knocking at my back door. I turned around to look at him. He said, “I think you’re ready.” He already was wrapped and lubed. He took the rubber syringe and squirted more lube deep inside me. Then I felt his helmet pass through my ass-lips. I just gasped and let him fuck me again.



I can honestly say Germahl's is the biggest fucking cock I have ever taken. I liked it, just not sure I want to sit on it every night.

What a difference a little experience makes. I give Germahl and his masterful penis 5 cocks, a perfect fuck. Yes I know I gave Milos 5+. Germahl understood for him to get pleasure he had to be sure his Bottom was comfortable and well prepared. He spent an inordinate amount of time and effort to make sure I could accept his cock. I appreciated the effort and rewarded him with 3 orgasms, two of which were inside my man-pussy.

The only reason I can’t rate this huge monster higher than the average length, extraordinary girth, is I could have sat on Milos all night, but Germahl took a lot of prep and recovery time between penetrations. However, Germahl did something that I have only read about: he caused me to have several in-fucking-credible orgasms without coming. When he realized that he was massaging my prostate he just rubbed it gently until I would scream out in rapture. I do think it takes a huge dick, with experience, to do this. So bigger can be better, but only if there is real technique involved.

While my ass was loosened up by his sheer size, I was able to get it back into shape with a heavy course of Kegels for several weeks. I think if one gets used to only big dicks, one might have a problem.

Just a note, after I told Bart about this, he insisted we invite Germahl over for 3 ways. So far we’ve had two. I am always very satisfied. Both men fight over who is going to eat my ass then both take turns fucking me. A Power Bottom’s fantasy.

My overall takeaway is very simple. Size is not as important as many of us think. If a man with as little as 4” can satisfy a hungry Bottom if he is willing to work hard. While I really enjoyed Germahl’s monster cock, I am not sure I could handle that several times a week. On the other hand,I could probably handle Gio several times a day. I believe I proved that girth I more important than length. Milos was able to massage my g-spot very well. And as Hector showed, size without technique is completely worthless.

Well this is the end. I hope you found this as educational as I did. Feel free to disprove my findings. Your thoughts are always appreciate, email me.